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Are you a nurse concerned about your license?

Have you ever worried…

"What would I do if I lost my nursing license and my livelihood?"

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Protect yourself! Lorie Brown reveals what to do and what not to do if you’re called before the Board.

Hi, I'm Lorie Brown. I understand your concerns because I'm a registered nurse as well an attorney so I know how important your license and livelihood is to you.

Providing for yourself and your family is important to you, and you love making a difference in your patients' lives. You've worked hard to earn your license and become the nurse you are today.

So I encourage you to learn how to protect your most valuable asset, your license. It's so worthwhile to find out how to safely practice your profession so you can look forward to a long and successful career.

I am here to help, which is why I've prepared a free CD called What Happens If You Get Called Before the Board. This CD is full of valuable information that describes the process of how your license can be taken away and what you should do about it. Simply fill out the requested information in the box and I'll send you the free CD right away or you can download the audio file and listen to it right now. I'll also make sure to keep you up-to-date on the latest legal knowledge in the nursing field.

The Nurse Protection Association is now an organization I founded, Empowered Nurses, with the goal to educate nurses on protecting their license both from medical malpractice and discipline before the State Board of Nursing, and to be a voice for nurses to improve their profession. A great way to stay informed, connect with other professionals in our field and share ideas and best practices, is to join our Empowered Nurses Group on Facebook. There's no charge to join and Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, Nurse Anesthetists, and Nurse Specialists are all welcome. Join us today and rediscover the joy in your profession.

If you're facing a legal crisis concerning your license right now – don't delay getting the legal help you need. Please visit my website We're here to help solve your problem and move forward with confidence. We practice throughout Indiana and Illinois and we have co-counsel relationships with nurse attorneys and other attorneys nationwide. So wherever you are located, we can help.

I'm so glad you found this site. Order your CD today and arm yourself with the latest knowledge on how to protect your nursing career from disciplinary action and frivolous lawsuits. Get legal expertise targeted to save good nurses from stress and heartache.